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How to train speed and endurance in team sport
Join me in exploring the winning strategies of optimizing speed, endurance, and tactical training while combating the challenges of congested fixture schedules. Gain valuable insights on achieving peak performance under time constraints.
Athlete profiling and training individualization
Experience a new level of individualization as I present a roadmap for understanding your athletes unique physiology profile. Discover the key steps to creating truly tailored programs that enable athletes to reach their performance potential.
Applying the anaerobic speed/power reserve in sport
Discover the secrets to maximizing your ability to repeat high-speed efforts and recover effectively amidst intense competition demands. Leave behind outdated 'energy system only' thinking and step into a world of innovative techniques for enhanced athlete training responses.
Translating and applying science in high performance sport
Unlock the secrets of success in high-performance sport by understanding how to collaborate effectively with coaches. I will guide you through the process of delivering impactful messages and instigating a paradigm shift in traditional thinking.
The future of football - how do we best prepare players for future demands?
Step into the future of physical preparation with me as your guide. Uncover practical strategies and considerations for physical preparation and medical teams to navigate the increasing high-intensity demands in team sports, particularly focusing on optimizing the individual athlete profiles within your squad.
Running science and key performance determinants
Tap into my invaluable expertise from the world of elite track and field. Discover the winning combination of personalized training, technology and racing applications that will elevate your runners' success.


Elliott Axtell

Elliott Axtell

U23 Lead Athletic Development Coach

Chelsea Football Club

Gareth’s interactive presentation with ourselves was excellent. He effectively communicated complex scientific concepts in a way that was easy to understand, using relatable examples that resonated well. His session sparked engaging discussions amongst our sport science, conditioning & medical staff, and has helped massively with our progression of the academy’s player profiling and physical conditioning […]

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Dino Illecic

Dino Illecic

RF-SISU Västra Götaland

Elite sport consultant

Gareth delivered a stimulating and thought-provoking lecture, drawing on the most up-to-date scientific research on speed and endurance training for intermittent team sport athletes. His extensive knowledge in both theoretical and applied sports science allowed him to effectively communicate and offer practical recommendations for testing and training in a high-performance setting. These recommendations aim to […]

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Mark Kirk

Mark Kirk

Coach and Endurance Co-coordinator

Athletics Northern Ireland

Gareth delivered an excellent presentation for our endurance coaching webinar series. The feedback has been very positive, with an interactive format that engaged our audience and opened up lots of questions. The most valuable piece was the practical examples you provided of training threshold type runs for speed based 400m athletes. Immediately I have put […]

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